What is ERC404?

1 NFT = 1 Token

Originally created by Developers @ctrl, @searn, @acme, and @hohenheim, the ERC404 protocol marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of NFTs, comparable to the early days of ERC720. This isn't just another step; it's a leap that unifies cryptocurrency and NFT investments under a single, innovative standard.

So, what's the buzz about? At its core, ERC404 shatters the barriers between NFT and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. For the first time, 1 NFT equals 1 Token, directly aligning their values. This means you can trade your NFTs just like cryptos, across all kinds of marketplaces, from OpenSea to any decentralized or even centralized exchanges, should they list them.

NFTs are notorious for their lack of liquidity—selling often means accepting less than you'd like, and quickly exiting is a dream. Enter ERC404, transforming NFTs into instantly liquid assets, ready to be traded at any time. This protocol isn't just a link between two worlds; it equates them, creating a new financial asset class.

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