1. What is the DaVinci Project?

    • The DaVinci Project merges community, AI and ERC404 to transform NFT owners into creators, crafting a new chapter in digital art where each piece is a unique, collaborative creation between human and machine.

  2. What are ERC404 Tokens?

    • At its core, ERC404 shatters the barriers between NFT and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. For the first time, 1 NFT equals 1 Token, directly aligning their values. This means you can trade your NFTs just like cryptos across all kinds of marketplaces, from OpenSea to any decentralized or even centralized exchanges, should they list them.

  3. Why launch with an ERC404 Token?

    • New tech. NFTs are notorious for their lack of liquidity—selling often means accepting less than you'd like, and quickly exiting is a dream. Enter ERC404, transforming NFTs into instantly liquid assets, ready to be traded at any time. This protocol isn't just a link between two worlds; it equates them, creating a new asset class.

  4. Who created the ERC404 contract?

    • Originally created by Developers @ctrl, @searn, @acme, and @hohenheim (widely known for the pandora project), the ERC404 protocol marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of NFTs, comparable to the early days of ERC721. This isn't just another step; it's a leap that unifies cryptocurrency and NFT investments under a single, innovative standard.

  5. How can I buy an ERC404 Token?

    • That’s the beauty of it. ERC404 tokens can be purchased on Uniswap first and foremost, but also have the ability to be sold as NFTs on any NFT marketplace. They are interchangeable.

  6. How does the NFT Minting and Burning Process work?

    • NFTs are created with every whole token that exists in a wallet. An example of this would include someone who has 0.5 tokens and purchases an additional 0.5 tokens, making a whole token. As a result, the holder would receive (automatically) one NFT in their wallet after successfully holding 1 complete (whole token). Should a token holder sell a portion of their tokens, equating to less than 1 whole token, the NFT that was previously in their wallet would be automatically burned. As of now, the contract will burn an NFT at random, so it’s imperative that proper wallet controls are in place in the event that you are concerned about which NFT may or may not be burned.

  7. How to Trade DaVinci NFTs and Tokens?

    • The DaVinci project will be available as a Uniswap Token and or an Opensea NFT (where whole tokens exist). Fractions of tokens will be purchasable via decentralized exchanges, and whole tokens (>1-1.9 tokens) will be purchasable via NFT marketplaces/DEXs. As you would buy any other token via any traditional smart contract, DaVinci will be available in accordance with traditional purchasing means like Uniswap, etc.

  8. How does GenAI work?

    • Unlike other NFT projects where you wait for the developers to create artwork for you and try to arbitrage the pixels that you’ve been granted, DaVinci takes a new approach by allowing the token holders to actually create the artwork that is the NFT. This creates a special bond and relationship with the NFT, but also allows for instant liquidity in the event that an artist is looking to monetize their artwork (the majority of the sales pitch of NFTs thus far). Everyone is an artist. Everything is an NFT. However, there are many folks who don’t have an artistic bone in their body. We believe that AI as a companion will augment the talent and creativity of humanity by extending the possibilities through simple prompting. This creates an entirely new relationship between artwork and technology that has yet to exist.

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