Tokenomics & Launch Details

Total Supply: 8,888

Tokens Burned: 6,888 (77.5% of supply)

1,600 Tokens Supplied to the Uniswap V3 Pool

200 Tokens Allocated to Whitelist

200 Tokens Allocated to Artists, Exchange Listings & Influencers for Project Collaborations

(The Above is Updated as of May 2nd, 2024)

Developer Notes & Comments:

Purchasing Tokens/NFTs:

  • DaVinci Tokens will be Minted on Uniswap V3 at a starting price of 0.0888 ETH for the first 888 tokens supplied, ensuring a hard, absolute floor price.

  • As more DaVinci is minted, the price will increase. Therefore, getting in as early as possible is essential to secure the lowest cost basis.

  • There is no minimum for purchase, and fractions of tokens can be purchased at launch. You must buy at least 1 DaVinci token to receive an NFT. 1 Whole Token = 1 NFT. However, you are free to buy less than 1 whole token.

  • There is no maximum transaction amount on how many tokens can be purchased (whale-friendly)

  • Unlike a traditional mint, all public transactions/mints will reflect on DEX as volume for the DaVinci token.

  • Though the DaVinci token has a 0% tax, slippage still applies in accordance with the chart's volatility. During periods of higher volatility, you may need to have a higher slippage amount for your transactions to be approved.

  • Uniswap Trading Fees are 1%.

  • Acquiring DaVinci will be as simple as any token purchase made via Uniswap.

  • By acquiring DaVinci Tokens, you understand that the DaVinci project is built on an experimental protocol (ERC-404) and assumes all risks and responsibilities associated with the nature of experimental technologies.

Whitelist Details:

  • A pool of tokens will be reserved for Whitelisted addresses that own the DaVinci token.

  • A snapshot will be taken at an unannounced time. It is not enough to just buy and sell to be eligible.

  • Whitelisted addresses that hold DaVinci tokens can claim additional DaVinci tokens on a vested linear schedule.

  • The Tokens will be distributed proportionately based on the percent held within the eligible addresses on the whitelist. The more DaVinci you hold compared to the other whitelist holders, the more you will be able to claim.

  • More details regarding the Whitelist claim will be provided post-launch.

  • To check your Whitelist status, please use the Whitelist Checker Tool on our website

NFT Artwork:

  • If you purchase a whole token and receive an NFT in your wallet (or multiple), you will see an unrevealed version of the artwork. Your NFT artwork will remain unrevealed as a placeholder until the release of our AI Art Generator, which will follow shortly after the launch.

  • In some cases, you may receive artwork that will automatically be revealed at some point post-launch, as these NFTs are special collaborations with artists commissioned for the project.

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